Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is at the core of BlueNET's service offerings.

Financial Planing Solutions

We aim to provide a well-connected planning system which focuses on ...

Data Warehousing

Every successful BI project requires solid data warehouse design and architecture ...

Managed Services & Outsourcing

BlueNET’s managed service portfolio helps businesses ...

Latest news

    • PASS Summit 2018

    PASS Summit 2018

    Seattle, WA - on Nov 6-9 ,2018
    BlueNET is sponsoring, connect with us to learn about the latest tools and technology in your industry.

    Immerse Yourself in the Data Community...

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    • Alabama Business Analytics Community

    Alabama Business Analytics Community

    Birmingham - on Thu, Aug 17 ,2017

    The Alabama Business Analytics Community invites you to join BlueNet and IBM for an exclusive forum designed to help organizations connect with...

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    • PASS Summit 2017

    SQL PASS Summit 2017

    Washington State Convention Center
    on Oct 31st - Nov 3rd ,2017
    in Seattle ,WA

    Use code JOIN150 for an additional $150 discount off the cost of your registration. PASS Summit is where ...

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Client testimonials

  • Analgesic Healthcare

    Roy Edgerton, CEO

    BlueNET has been an important cornerstone of our success. The close working relationship between the Analgesic management team and BlueNET consultants significantly contributed to the overall success of the project.

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  • American Integrity

    Ernie Garateix, Vice President of IT

    With the solution provided by BlueNET, we have been able to pinpoint areas where there is room for operational improvement, where we can do more business, and where we can get our employees to focus more. We're starting to see ...

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  • Quality Distribution

    Dan Moore, Vice President of IT

    The work BlueNET produces is really above and beyond what I traditionally receive from service providers. BlueNET's extremely professional staff, fantastic communication, and a willingness to prove value before the ...

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  • Pinch A Penny Inc

    Derek Klein, Director of IT

    I would highly recommend BlueNET to any company needing to implement a robust BI solution.I have been extremely impressed with the knowledge, quality of work, and dedication the BlueNET team has given our organization ...

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  • Logical Data Solutions

    Bill King, VP of Sales

    As a software development company with expertise in environmental compliance area, but not necessarily in map based application development, we were happy to find that BlueNET took the required care and attention ...

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  • McNichols Company

    Matthew Domit, Director of IT

    Hats off to BlueNET, the stakeholders themselves for their commitment, and to the internal technology team for what will be remembered as a big success as well as a milestone in the ability of McNICHOLS Company to analyze key metrics.

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